The British Council Teaching Centre network of more than 85 centres across 50 countries provides fee-paying English classes for approximately 300,000 students, children, teenagers and adults. This encompasses a wide range of learners with diverse needs. Working effectively with diversity is an essential part of the British Council’s work and, in relation to English language teaching, this requires positively responding to the learning needs of all students. We believe that all students are entitled to a high quality English language learning experience which maximises individual achievement.

In keeping with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, our Teaching Centre promotes an inclusive culture. We welcome all students and value the abilities and achievements of all students. We foster an inclusive culture where students treat one another with respect, students help each other and there is a partnership between Teaching Centre’s staff, students and parents. This is based on a philosophy of acceptance and celebration of diversity within which all students are valued equally, treated with respect and provided with equal opportunities.

We believe that all students will benefit from working together in inclusive classes as they learn with and from each other. They will also develop empathy and an understanding of differences as well as a positive understanding of themselves and others. They will learn to appreciate diversity which enriches and strengthens everyone.

We welcome all students and are committed to making classrooms inclusive by making reasonable adjustments to support students who identify as disabled and/or having special educational needs. Please let us know if you or your children have any access or support needs so we can plan support arrangements together.