The British Council has been working in Slovakia since 1946, when it was originally called the 'British Institute' and Professor Brander was the Director. However the office closed in 1950 due to a change in the political system and did not re-open until 1992, in a new location at Bratislava’s Old Town in Panska 17.

During our time at the British Council in Slovakia we have:

  • assisted thousands of English teachers to develop new and innovative teaching methods.
  • partnered and organised many cultural and educational events and programmes, including the Globe Theatre’s Hamlet and various activities at the Pohoda Festival.
  • brought together numerous schools, institutions and professionals.
  • helped over 50,000 students taking International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Cambridge and other exams.
  • improved the level of English to thousands of students, while studying with us. 

 Our work in English

The English language has always been at the heart of our work, creating cultural relations between the UK, Slovakia and the rest of the world. We provide English language courses for everyone interested in learning or improving English, either for general English or for specific purposes (business, financial, legal etc.), courses to help preparation for English language certificates, and dedicated courses for the business environment. 

In Slovakia we administer English language certificates - IELTS and Cambridge English, the APTIS test for organisations and a wide range of professional and university examinations.

Our work in arts and education

Our goal is to build bridges of trust and understanding among people around the world. Through our programmes, we give opportunities to hundreds of millions of people worldwide to learn about British culture and creativity.

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